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I am an experienced natural history and botanical illustrator based in Italy. I have been working for over 25 years creating high quality illustrations for publishers, licensing, packaging and advertising. 

I grew up in Florence, Tuscany, exploring museums with my dad and the beauty of the nature of the country side with my mum. After studying graphic arts and illustration I began my career as an illustrator with commissions for magazines. Having worked for clients worldwide, I have a considerable body of work published in many books and magazines. 

My love for nature inspires my bright and colourful illustrations. My style is a nice blend of realism and illustrated personality.

Here is a showcase of my published work.

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My work has appeared on books and in other projects for customers including:

  • Nestea
  • Cats_pyjamas
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  • Weldon_owen
  • Bbc
  • Cowley_robinson
  • Firecrest
  • Hmh
  • Internationalplaythings
  • Mcgraw_hill
  • Mcrae
  • Oup
  • Owlkids
  • Pearson
  • Pinwheel
  • Templar
  • The_creative_cimpany

How I work

My work is created entirely traditionally. My multi-layered artwork is executed in liquid acrylic colour, using airbrush and rendered by hand, start to finish. My use of hand rendering with airbrush ensure strong colour beneath all the exacting details.

Usually I work to a brief or a script. I supply a detailed black and white pencil sketch first. This phase is the opportunity to review the contents and change small things if needed. Once any revisions have been made and the scketches have been approved, I go ahead with the colour final version.

When I work on educational projects scientific accuracy and a high degree of realism are of prime importance. Sometimes I spend almost as much time preparing for an image in research and consultation as I do painting. 

All finals are supplied as digital files.

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Awards / Honors

* Great review from The New York Times of On The Farm illustrated by me - Sunday Book Review, May 2015

* Indie Excellence Book Award 2011 for a book I illustrated entitled In Search of the Light, winner of children's book category inspiration and motivation.

* Work selected for publication in Images 34, the best of British Contemporary Illustration 2010 

* Work selected for The Illustrators Exhibition - Bologna Children's Book Fair 2005

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